The most attractive Affiliate marketing policies of Beae have been launched. Make money online at home when affiliate marketing with Beae.

An IAB study reported that users clicked on more than 5 billion affiliate links. Additionally, these links were responsible for above 170 million commercial transactions as part of affiliate marketing programs throughout the world. As a consequence, the efficiency of this marketing tactic is beyond doubt. Along with the strong development of Affiliate Marketing, many people have made money at home without any cost. Especially, thanks to the spread of Affiliate marketing, customers can easily access quality and useful products for them.

Beae is a free Drag & Drop Landing Page Builder for Shopify entrepreneurs which will help Shopify business owners attract customers, increase conversion rates and sell products. Wishing to be able to reach more customers using the product, Beae has an extremely attractive Affiliate Marketing policy with a lifetime commission of up to 50%. In particular, Beae is always willing to become your companion when you reach at least 50 subscribers every month, Beae will subsidize $500 for you. You will still receive the above 50% commission rate if you have additional paid subscriptions. 

Are you a user of Beae, love it, and want to share it with others?

Are you an influencer or looking to make huge profits from Affiliate Marketing?

Regardless of whether you are in business and have an account on Shopify, linking Affiliate Marketing with Beae will help you earn a lot of money at home when the commission is up to 50%.

Join our Affiliate Program! 

Starting from August 1, 2022

Affiliate marketing with Beae
Affiliate marketing with Beae

1. Beae Policy for Affiliate Marketing

With Affiliate Marketing partners, Beae commits to:

  • Earn 50% recurring commission on all paid subscriptions forever! 
  • When you reach a minimum of 50 subscribers/ month, you will also be supported by Beae up to $500/ month.

Special: All new users registered via your affiliate link, will get a 20% discount.

2. Why should you start Affiliate Marketing with Beae right now?

During the 6-year journey with Shopify and nearly 2 years of completion and launch, Beae is always confident with the most outstanding product features: Live drag & drop editor, 60+ elements, 145 Pre-build templates, Responsive & mobile ready… Because of quality and prestige, we are always ready to combine with any partner. To learn more About us.

With Affiliate Marketing, Beae always guarantees its partners the best and most competitive commission. Check out How to make money from Affiliate Marketing and get started with Beae right away!

3. Instructions on how to register for Affiliate marketing with Beae.

Step 1: Go to  Beae’s form and fill in the information.

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Or for those of you who already have an account on Shopify, you can go to the Affiliate section on the Beae app.

Step 2: Verify Shoffi’s Gmail sent to. 

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Step 3: Go to the Connected apps section in, copy the link and execute your Affiliate marketing plans.

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Step 4: Go to to check the report.

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If you have any problems, contact us, we are always available 24/7 to support you. Start Affiliate marketing with Beae, and start making money. 

Contact us via:


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