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Beae is the most modern page builder for Shopify that lets you build pages with ease,
without any coding or designing skills. It also boosts your SEO, usability,
and performance seamlessly.

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Creating and editing pages is easier with Beae, which simplifies the editor for you. Most page builder apps have too many options and are complicated to use, but Beae is different.

Quality makes a difference

A page builder with perks.

Beae focus on the premium pre-built CRO templates, you just choose the suitable template,
edit with optimized customizations for specific layout and publish it.


Integrated with all 3rd apps on Shopify App Store via Beae Apps Widget.

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Beae x Judge
Beae x Judge
Beae x Judge
Beae x Judge
Beae x Judge
Beae x Judge
Beae x Judge


Optimize your SEO and improve discoverability with the page health tool for realtime-audit, high score of loading page speed.

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Premium prebuilt CRO templates

Creative power that
goes beyond templates.

The premium prebuilt templates focus on conversion rate optimization.
Start your journey with the stunning templates customized for many business industries.

We are always here to listen and assist you

24/7 live support through emails, chat and call.

We know how important it is for you to get the help you need. That’s why we offer 24/7 live support through various channels, including emails, chat, and call. You can contact us anytime and get a quick and friendly response from our expert team.

What our clients say

This is why we do
what we do.

We can say anything we want about ourselves, but we think it means
a whole lot more coming from some of our clients we've served.


"I am a web developer and have been in love with this app since I first used it. Since Shopify doesn't give you that many options to customize your store pages, Beae makes the impossible possible for you. Building Shopify pages and templates are now made easier and very enjoyable with their easy drag and drop features plus many more. With their very helpful customer service, you can surely build up your site more quickly. I highly recommend this app to my clients and fellow developers."

Scheunengut GmbH

"Thank you so much for this app, this app helps me to customize my own section without learning any knowledge of coding. It is very user-friendly and easy to use. Also, the customer services is very helpful and kind, they reply me immediately although I am a free plan userInfo."


"I recently used BEAE theme builder to create a custom theme for my website, and I couldn't be happier with the results. The user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, and the range of customization options is truly impressive. With BEAE theme builder, I was able to create a unique, professional-looking website in a fraction of the time it would have taken me using other tools."

Paisley AutoCare

"Beae is the most impressive page builder so far I've tried, in terms of user interface and functionality. Comparing to other page builders which have thousands of comments, it has a rather intuitive interface and a well organized functional structure. One more thing I have to say is that the support of Beae is really good. They not only answer your questions quickly but also help you with custom css codes to solve your problems."

Elegance's Touch

"I tried the app because I couldn't get my home page hero image laid out the way I wanted in the Dawn Theme. The editor in Beae has so many options that I was able to create the slider exactly the way I wanted it, but it was a little tricky to figure out what all the options actually do. This is where their incredible customer service comes in. The chat seems to always be monitored and every support person I have worked with to learn Beae has been knowledgeable and quick to help my solve my problems and teach me how to use the app. I also love that the app allows you to create sections that show up in your theme without having to create the whole page in the app. Super pleased!"

Shoo Cat

"Great app, simple to use and great user interface. The page building process has been going smoothly. Dominique and others from the support team have helped me with my problems. Overall I would recommend this app to everyone who wants to make their page building experience easy."

Serene Decur

"I absolutely love this app because you can do so much by adding different sections and customising them. the templates are also very good if you want to create your page quickly. The support team is fantastic, friendly and very helpful, particularly Genie. I did recommend the app to another Shopify store owner and she was very happy about it. I highly recommend Beae if you want a user-friendly app to create your new homepage or product page."

Black Venus Beauty

"I have to say-BEAE is the BEST of the best when it comes to editing. Sure there is a small learning curve, but I have tried all of the other apps-like all of them. I spent a month testing each one, and each time I came back to BEAE. Pricing is low, customers service is spectacular, and everything is just perfect. Thank you!"

House Of Luxury

"Customer service is very good and fast. They really know their stuff, and if you have an issue they will get to the bottom of it. The overall customization is endless, and there are so many features even on their basic plan. I've been able to make my store look exactly how I want it thanks to Beae."

Puppy Palace

"Building my website with Beae has been an extraordinary experience. This app allows me to create, design and remove content easily through an intuitive layout. I've been building almost all my website through this app by using its many templates and elements. I can't imagen a more easy to use platform to build your Shopify Store if you don't want to hassle with programming and coding. Great app. Special thanks to the Beae's team!"


"Awesome customer service with Kian! I find that the app can be a bit confusing at times but the customer service with Beae makes up for that. Both times I have needed help, they have been excellent and have fixed my issue within minutes. Highly recommend!"

Poppy Bee Surfaces

"I love Beae! I was able to make beautiful templates and pages with their page builder. My favorite part is that I can use the templates I made for all my Shopify blog posts and all my collection pages. There are a lot of features for such an affordable price. Even if you downgrade to a free plan, you can still use the templates and your published pages remain functioning. Their customer service is also superb. There's always a chat box on the screen and a designated customer service representative will be waiting whenever you have any concerns or questions. If you want to make your store sleek and aesthetic, go for Beae."

Write Whimsical

"It is really a simple and easy application to use, it offers many stylish and various templates and especially the costume service is very friendly and very helpful, I would like to thank Jun for helping and supporting me with the little struggles I had. I highly recommend this application."

Dary Cosy

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