6 Tips To Increase Conversion Rate

6 Tips To Increase Conversion Rate

One way to know if your website is working effectively or not is to look at the conversion rate. It calculates the number of users who take action (for example, clicking on an advertisement), dividing it by the overall size of the audience and converting that figure into a percentage. Increased conversion rate means increased revenue to the business.

Good Website Design

good website design
A good website design can increase conversion rate


The first thing that impresses you with your first approach is the website design. The time in which it takes visitors to conclude aesthetic and easy approaches to your site is extremely fast, so you want to make it count.

If the site looks modern, offers bright colors, and is well organized, it’s holding visitors and making them want to stay awhile. You don’t need to have a gorgeous colorful website, follow Shopify theme design, all of them are minimal, simple, and clear.

By creating a website that has a simple design, customers can easily read the information given, and pay full attention to your website page. Additionally, having a professional website of your own can help you remain in competition with your competitors.

Poor website design or an antiquated website will negatively impact your search engine rankings performance. Be serious about investing in your website if you want to stay at the top of the search engines rankings like Google.

Use Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design
Responsive Web Design Helps You Get More Conversions


This is considered one of the most important features when we mention what makes customers want to stay on your website. As we all know, the percentage of people using and owning mobile phones is increasing, so buyers tend to shop online and orders are placed through their phone. 

In reality, 40% of users have gone to a competitor’s website after a poor mobile experience. It is true that over 60% of searches online now come from a mobile device.

Websites not optimized for all these smaller screens can experience a decline in their search engine rankings. This means that they are not getting found online. 

By optimizing web responsiveness, your website will display appropriate content for all devices (mobile, tablet, desktop). It keeps images and content from being larger or smaller from the screen width, and prevents visitors from doing unnecessary work such as zooming, changing devices,.. to read the content.

Use Google Lighthouse, SEO Image, ALT, Tags

Seo website
 Google Lighthouse, SEO Image, and implementing ALT tags can boost conversion rates


Enhancing website loading speed is crucial because customers will lose patience when they have to wait for a low-speed loading page. You can use some available tools or apps in Shopify to improve website traffic. 

Google Lighthouse: Automated open-source tool used to measure website page speed of computers and mobile devices supplied by Google and recommend solutions in order to increase page speed quality working more effectively. 

Lighthouse audits the performance of your website by collecting a page that you provide and running the audits against key performance metrics. Meanwhile, it also lets you audit other areas such as accessibility, best practices, and search engine optimization.

By measuring statistical stores and offering solutions to optimize your website, Google Lighthouse can measure statistical stores and offer solutions to optimize your website. 

SEO Image, ALT, Tags: this is a compression tool that searches through all photos of your site and compresses them while retaining the quality of the photo so they all look the same but in a smaller size, which means your website will be loading faster. 

Reducing image size, ALT, Tags is decisive because large components can slow down your website page. Image file size needs to be small as it allows more images to be stored in your memory space or server. The small file size also reduces the time required for images to be sent over the Internet or downloaded from web pages.  


  • Optimize Image ALT tag: ALT tags can be added automatically to every image on 3 pages: product page, collection page, and blog post.
  • Image optimization: Optimize images (image optimizer SEO, image optimizer online image compression, SEO images).
  • Google structured data: Important page structured data (Google snippets, json+ld): Product page, Collection page, Blog listing page, Single Blog, Business, review, item list structured data. 
  • Meta tags & rules: Automatically optimize meta title and description for 4 pages: Product, Collection, Blog listing, Single Blog page, Landing Page.
  • SEO Analysis: Detailed SEO analysis on your product pages with problem reports and improvement solutions.

Add testimonials, reviews, and social proofs

Add testimonials, reviews, and social proofs

Reliable evidence increase your page's conversion rates

What would you suggest as the thing that holds customers back on your website? I think that is TRUST!

Using testimonials from actual reviews, feedback, images, videos from your clients can increase conversion rates as it builds prestige and brand recognition in your customer’s hearts. Nothing is more persuadable than a customer’s feeling and experience with your product. 

89% of consumers check online reviews before purchasing, that is why your reputation and online presence impact your conversion rate, so you should include social proof on your site. 

You can link to your Homepage, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin,… or any other directory page where customers have left reviews. 

Using tools or apps to stimulate customer’s behavior

stimulate customer’s behavior by tool or app
You can convert potential buyers to end users by using apps that trigger their shopping behavior 


You can integrate third-party apps or tools to ignite customers in buying products. There are some apps in Shopify such as: Free Shipping Bar, Trust Badge, Notification, Popup, Countdown,… 

I will list some of the popular ones that you can use during your page building process:

Free Shipping BarPromote your free shipping offers with progressive messages and a cart goal, a lot of options are waiting for you to try.

  • Display your free shipping offer in a slide-out and customizable bar.
  • Show progressive messages when customers put more items in their shopping carts.
  • Congratulate customers when they get free shipping offers.
  • Track the performance of each bar, so you know which free shipping goals generate the most sales.

AVA Trust Badges, Sales Popa one-stop solution that is specially designed to skyrocket your sales with a countdown timer, trust badges, sales pop, sales boost, and many more.

  • Sales pop: Show dynamic interactions and purchase actions in your stores to motivate newcomers to convert because of the fear of missing out (FOMO)
  • Countdown timer: Use an attractive countdown clock to create a sense of urgency and motivate customers to place more orders
  • Trust badges: Win customer’s trust, keep them in the store, and increase conversion rate with trust icons.

    MultiVariants ‑ Bulk Order: Convert variants to a grid, mix and match bundles, and streamline cart additions to boost your sales.

    • Store owners can apply restrictions, set MOQs, and create custom bundles with this app.
    • Make the ordering process a breeze by showcasing bundle variants in a customer-friendly layout, including options like lists, grids, tables, or matrices.
    • Control variant quantities effortlessly and create mixed-flavor bundle boxes by setting minimum and maximum purchase limits.

      PushOwl Web Push Notifications: Recover abandoned carts and markets better with the web push.

      • Collect subscribers instantly with the native opt-in.
      • Craft a web push campaign in minutes using Campaign Creator.
      • Recover abandoned carts just by switching on the automated sequence.
      • Track the performance of your web push marketing.

        CountdownAdd urgency and FOMO (fear-out-missing-out) effects to your sales events, and increase conversion rate.

        • Good for early bird promotions, flash sale promotions, holiday promotions, time-limited offers, product launch events, and more
        • With a call-to-action button on the bar, your customers will dash to your sales
        • Supports unlimited active bars for creating different promotions on different pages
        • Geo-Target, display different promotions based on the visitors’ country

        Assist customers with live chat

        live chat support

        Livechat is an instant support channel that connect your customers with your brand.

        Providing instant support on the home page can impress customers. Once they visit your website, there must be a live chat box so customers can get an immediate response about the issue they are having. This is one way to ensure they are always taken care of and satisfied with your product. 

        Even if your product has some problems, an enthusiastic and intuitive attitude will still please your customers. To avoid losing potential customers, you should consider adding live chat to your site, so your customer service team or sales employees can alleviate the concerns of prospective customers who are on the fence.

        In conclusion, the implementation of these six tips can undoubtedly help businesses increase conversion rates. By optimizing website design, responsive web design, use Google Light House, SEO image, ALT, Tags, ... By focusing on these key areas, businesses can effectively increase conversion rates and drive their desired outcomes.

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