Introducing about Beae - The #1 Flexible landing page builder app for Shopify

Introducing about Beae - The #1 Flexible landing page builder app for Shopify

The solution is in a single app Beae  - The landing page builder app for Shopify will help your online business save time, more sales – less headache, and more happiness.

What is Beae?

Beae is a free drag & drop landing page builder for Shopify entrepreneurs. On Beae, you can flexibly customize many elements, templates, and integrations, thus achieving the visual appeal and buyer mentality you desire without being a web design or coding expert. Beae will help Shopify business owners attract customers, increase conversion rates and sell products.

Beae landing page bulder

Beae - landing page builder app for Shopify

Beae's story

Since 6 years ago, with strong growth, we are very interested in doing business on the Shopify platform. When we started opening our first fashion store, we were amazed at the all-in-one commerce platform to start, run and grow this business. All Shopify features and support are great.

However, the problem occurred when the brands competed very hard, our sales were really not good. One of the reasons is that the website design is too simple and does not attract customers. Shopify provides ready-made templates and helps businesses build basic websites.

Therefore, we decided to create our first app from 5 years ago, LayoutHub – Easy Page Builder to have a variety of ready-made templates. These completely free templates have helped users a lot in creating a website quickly and diversely.

However, our goal is always continuous development and maximum customer support. Therefore, professional, personalized, and attractive website building software is what we want. Beae – Landing Page Builder launched in early 2021 has fulfilled that desire.

Drag and drop, 80+ elements, pre-built templates... have helped Shopify business owners create their own style website easily, quickly, and flexibly. Today, many businesses have used Beae - The landing page builder app for Shopify to build a successful store with a professional builder.

Beae's Mission

We help business owners attract customers, increase conversion rates and sell by helping to create professional websites with the easiest operations. In the future, when Shopify grows stronger and the competition is fiercer, Beae will be an effective app to help business owners make a difference.

Beae's Features

Live drag & drop editor​

You can build and customize every part of your website intuitively with Beae’s visual builder. Zero coding is required. Just find your wanted element, drag it into the page and customize the look and function. Beae’s versatility will help you create your own website that no one else can have.

80+ elements

Do you want to add Google Maps, Button, or Contact Form … to your website? With 80+ elements, you can achieve your design goals with a widget for every need along with full customization freedom.

80+ elements in Beae

80+ elements for you to choose from

Pre-build templates

If you are not a professional website designer and have no intentions, Beae  offers 100+ Pre-build templates and more. The template library & kit packages are always updated to save your time & inspire you while building the store. You’ll be able to pick a free ready-made that will boost your company’s visual and match your brand’s style.

We have many styles of ready-made templates for brands of clothing, accessories, home appliances, and decorations. In particular, you can still create a website with a unique style for your brand by dragging, dropping, adding elements, and changing images,…

prebuild-templates of Beae

Prebuild – Templates of Beae

Responsive & mobile ready

According to statistics, 79 Percent of Traffic to Shopify Stores Comes from Mobile. Therefore, optimizing for phones is very important.

After using the Beae app to design and publicize the website, it automatically gets optimized for mobile devices, provided that the mobile view is activated...

Responsive feature with Beae

79 Percent of Traffic to Shopify Stores Comes from Mobile

Ecosystem for selling

Beae - The landing page builder app for Shopify works well with the most popular apps on the Shopify app store. Therefore, you can integrate and use many apps at the same time to increase the efficiency of your Shopify business.

Beae Integrate with 3rd Party Apps

Integrate with 3rd Party Apps

Getting Started

Free Trial

If you are completely new, you can start creating your own eCommerce website with the Free version of Beae- The landing page builder app for Shopify. With this version, you can experience all the features of Beae and easily create a professional website. Install now:

After the trial period, you can continue to upgrade Beae’s functionality by choosing the plan that’s right for your business needs.

24/7 Chat Support

Experts of Beae - The landing page builder app for Shopify are always ready to help via live chat. It’s the most important part to not block congestion during using the app.

Try the Free version of Beae - The landing page builder app for Shopify now, explore all the features and create your own professional website. Alternatively, you can upgrade your website with 5 Fundamental Keys In Responsive Web Design.

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