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How I Made Money From Affiliate Marketing

  • Jun 19,2023
  • 5 minute read
How I Made Money From Affiliate Marketing

How I made money from Affiliate Marketing” is a topic that many people make money online and YouTubers share in 2023. Although we all know that Affiliate marketing brings huge profits, how do successful people in the affiliate marketing field make money?

The Power of Affiliate Marketing: Success Stories

Affiliate marketing helps many people earn money online by promoting other people’s products and services. It is a great way to generate passive income after the initial effort of getting people to see your affiliate offers.

  • Youtuber John Crestani makes over half a million dollars a month With Affiliate marketing.
  • Youtuber David Nick makes $75,000/month with Free Traffic.
  • US affiliate marketing spend is set to reach over 8 billion dollars by 2022 – and this figure is continuing to grow.
Growth chart of affiliate marketing profits

Growth chart of affiliate marketing profits in US

A lot of content shares that making money from Affiliate is simple and fast, but it is not. To be able to make money from Affiliate marketing, you need to do it the right way.

I have compiled the perfect process you need to follow to be able to earn at least $1000/day. Let’s learn how to make money from Affiliate marketing.

How to make money from Affiliate marketing?

Step 1: Joining an Affiliate marketing network

Information about Affiliate marketing networks is available a lot on Google. You just need to search for “TOP Affiliate marketing network” and there will be a lot of results for you to choose from. Top 10 Affiliate marketing networks:

1. ShareASale
3. ClickBank
4. FlexOffers
5. Avangate Affiliate Network
6. Rakuten Advertising
7. Impact
8. AffiliateXe
9. GiddyUp
10. CJ Affiliate

Joining these Affiliate marketing networks is also very simple. When you visit the homepages of each of these networks, there will be information about Affiliate and detailed instructions for you.

Step 2: Find a product: A specific product that you can sell on the internet

First, you need to identify the market opportunity. In which sector is the market most in demand? Which product? What products do you have experience with?

  • Related factors you can rate about a product
  • Who is the supplier of that product?
  • What is the selling price of that product?
  • Does the market you choose accept?
  • How much commission do you get?
  • Is participating in an affiliate reputable or not, is it fair or not?
  • Is the market for this product competitive?

In addition, to be able to choose a quality partner to combine. Suppliers need to ensure the following factors:

  • Development process
  • Outstanding Achievements
  • Customer gratitude policy
  • Delivery policy
  • Their support to customers
  • Commission policy for Publishers
  • Join any affiliate networks
  • Promotions
  • Refund policy

Choosing a product to do as an affiliate greatly affects your personal reputation. Therefore, it is recommended to choose products that have a high reputation with suppliers to create customer trust, should not choose products with low service quality if you do not want customers to boycott. Finding products is very important and can determine the success or failure of affiliate marketing.

Step 3: Ways to help you increase traffic for Affiliate marketing

Free Traffic Sources to make money from Affiliate Marketing
  1. SEO Traffic
SEO website or blog

Increase traffic you website/blog

Blog or Google website will be the premise for stable, quality traffic, and SEO is the tool to help you do that. However, to do that, you need to spend a lot of time and effort learning SEO tactics and applying them in the most natural way.

Attractive content

Attractive content marketing will give you the opportunity to conquer the correct keywords in addition to words related to the brand, and to the product you want to promote. Create a lot of content containing the information that customers need, attractive content will help the number of customers accessing your Affiliate system increase.

Do not limit yourself to articles about the brand or the products that you are trading. Build a lot of content about any issue that is prominent, is of interest to customers, and content that customers find interesting.

You can use Google Keyword Planner or Keyword.io to identify keywords that are of great interest to customers. This will increase search rankings on Google, increase your chances of appearing in front of customers and increase your chances of doing Affiliate.

Re-optimize the old content

Re-optimizing old content is reviewing published content that does not bring much value to readers to make it more attractive to viewers. Or you can also choose to delete that post so as not to affect the traffic to your website.

However, in order to have the most comprehensive content audit, you need to break down the content into many different types and handle each of them flexibly. Some things that you need to review are as follows:

  • Content inserts too many keywords, rigid, unnatural.
  • Content duplicates topics duplicate content.
  • Content has not solved the needs and problems of readers, is not professional, too superficial.
  • Copy content with a duplicate rate of over 80%.
  • Spending too much advertising space, advertising more than the content brings readers on affiliate websites.
  • Content is wrong website content.

2. Social media

social media

Facebook: Facebook opens up many opportunities for you to reach and attract customers to your affiliate marketing system. You can rely on the criteria and characteristics of user behavior such as location, behavior, and interests, … to make the most appropriate advertising campaigns. In addition, Facebook will attract customers who have visited your website and products by creating dynamic Facebook Dynamic Ads. This helps the products that customers have seen and selected will be displayed more, increasing the conversion rate higher than reaching a new customer.

Instagram: A platform that is also quite popular today, especially for young people, that you can also choose to use to increase traffic when doing affiliate marketing is Instagram. Instagram has quickly taken advantage of its advantages to offer the most optimal business support tools.

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3. Email

The email list is the “heart” and “soul” of the Affiliate Marketing business. Most of the commissions that you receive will come from the Email list you created earlier. You don’t need to build a huge email list, with just a small but effective list, you can also make great profits by using the right source of desired affiliate traffic. Then add it to your email list.

Paid Traffic Sources to make money from Affiliate Marketing

Paid traffic source to make money online

What is pay-per-click advertising?

Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC): You can increase your online visibility with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or create videos and blogs to promote your products and services on your website and social media pages. At some point, you may have come across ads on search engine results. These sites are using pay-per-click advertising (Pay-per-click or PPC). This is one of many online strategies that you can choose to reach the right target audience. For your ads to be most effective, you need to use the most popular PPC Ad Networks such as:

  • Google ads – The most popular today
  • Bing Ads – There are millions of people using Bing
  • Facebook Ads – 2.7 billion active users
  • Promote Instagram – Extremely popular with young customers
  • Taboola / Outbrain – A lot of media is seen this way
  • Yahoo Gemini (Verizon Media) – More Content Viewed
  • Twitter Ads – 330 million active users
  • Amazon Ads – 197 million people use Amazon every month
  • AdRoll – Offers really sophisticated audience targeting

Hopefully, with the information shared above, it will help you answer the question "how I made money from affiliate marketing". Many people have successfully focused on developing Affiliate Marketing, how about you, are you ready to start?

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