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How to make money on Shopify: 7 Best Ways for Beginners

  • Jul 13,2023
  • 11 minute read
How to make money on Shopify: 7 Best Ways for Beginners

How to make money on Shopify? Selling products isn't the only way to make money with Shopify. You can use your existing expertise to help merchants build stores or market the platform. In this article, I will share with you in detail 7 best ways to make money on Shopify for beginners. 

Shopify's Potential

In the rapidly evolving world of e-commerce, Shopify has become the leading platform for businesses. It offers everything a business needs to sell online, including a website builder, payment processing, shipping, marketing, and customer support. Shopify has a user-friendly interface, efficient features, and a rich ecosystem. So there are more than 4 million merchants selling using Shopify platform. Not only that, in just a short time, Shopify has invaded the market and created opportunities for many people to make money. With impressive numbers, Shopify affirms that it is still an extremely potential market.

  • Shopify's revenue is $5.6 billion in 2022, up 57% from 2021.
  • Shopify is used in more than 175 countries around the world.
  • The most popular Shopify marketplaces are the US, Canada, UK, and Australia.
  • The average Shopify store generates $226 in revenue per customer.
  • The top 10% of Shopify stores generate $1,000 or more in revenue per customer. (Source)


Shopify revenue from 2018 to 2022

Things to do before you start make money on Shopify

You shouldn't be in a hurry to immediately learn about how to make money on Shopify. First understand yourself. See what strengths do you have? What goals do you have? How do you have a detailed plan for the future? Once you have correctly identified this information, it will be easy for you to decide the right way to make money on Shopify.

  • The first step is crucial. That is identify your strengths. Understanding your own strengths compared to others is a decisive step to success. 
  • The second step is to set goals. One of the two important goals in business is revenue and profit. You should start from small numbers as well as define a specific time to achieve the goal
  • The third step is to prepare the capital. With any business, you will have to prepare a certain amount of capital. In addition, you should also set aside a small amount of capital to reserve if you encounter difficulties due to market fluctuations.
  • Finally, you need to prepare a strong and determined mind. You should prepare yourself mentally to deal with difficulties or problems encountered. Surely if you are persistent and really hard, you will quickly earn an unbelievable amount of money from Shopify.

Now, learn about how to make money on Shopify with the 7 suggested ways below.

7 best ways to make money on Shopify for beginners

Start an Ecommerce Store

If you asked someone about how to make money on Shopify, the answer would be to start an ecommerce store. The main mission of this platform is to make it easy for anyone to set up an online store without any hassle.

You can choose from a variety of items for sale. Shopify is ideal when you can easily add products, organize them, and allow customers to make payments. Best of all, the Shopify platform also helps you attract customers with tools like SEO, store themes, affiliate marketing, and more.

Many people will be confused about which product to sell when starting out. If you don't have a specific product yet, you should rely on customers' trends in using the product


Top product categories of Q2 2022

According to the Top product categories report for Q2 2022, the products that customers are buying more of are Groceries, Cleaning Supplies, Clothing and Garden & Outdoor. These can be suggestions for you to choose the right product.

Steps to Start an Ecommerce Store

  • Step 1. Sign Up for Shopify
  • Step 2: Select Your Sales Channels
  • Step 3: Set Up Payments
  • Step 4: Create Some Collection Pages
  • Step 5: Add Some Items To Sell
  • Step 6: Build your Shopify’s Store
  • Step 7: SEO and Golive

Startup time: A few weeks to design and start selling the product

Effort level: high to start, medium persistent to maintain

What to know

  • You must research carefully about the product and the target audience
  • Make sure your country is supported by Shopify
  • Selling on Shopify goes through many stages, from finding products, building a store to attracting customers. Therefore, you need to constantly study and work hard to do it well.


  • Have a certain source of capital
  • Most e-commerce platforms require you to be 18 years or older

Build a Shopify Drop-shipping Business

Drop-shipping is an online business model in which sellers don't need to import goods, invest capital and operate on delivery of goods to consumers. The main task of the seller is to list products for sale, stimulate purchases, and profit from the difference between the supplier's price and the advertised price. This form is suitable for those who want to start an online business but are concerned about capital and do not have too much time.



There are 2 common approaches to applying the drop-shipping business model on Shopify.

  • The first is to find your own suppliers with popular suppliers like AliExpress, SaleHoo, and Worldwide Brands.
  • Second, you can use the app to connect your store with thousands of suppliers. Shopify now has a DSers app, which helps independent business owners find products to sell. DSers automates most of the dropshipping process. Products are shipped directly from the AliExpress supplier to the customer—no matter where they are in the world. All you have to do is check that the details are correct and click the order button.

Steps to Start an Ecommerce Store

  • Step 1. Sign Up for Shopify
  • Step 2: Build your Shopify’s Store
  • Step 4: Setup DSers
  • Step 5: Link your AliExpress account
  • Step 6: Import products

Startup time: Just a few days to build a store and get started

Effort level: Medium

What to knowThe product will decide up to 80% of your success because the product must attract and impress the buyer. After you have selected the product, you should continue to search, compare and check the quality. about 5-10 suppliers. Cooperate with suppliers that match your criteria such as product quality, shipping time, order discount, inventory quantity, operating process, etc.


  • Understanding the Dropshipping model
  • Experience or passion in the field of marketing, customer search.

Become a Shopify Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate Marketing is a model of promoting products and services. In which, distributors based on their capacity and understanding will carry out marketing, attract customers to buy and use the supplier's services. From there, the distributor will receive a commission from the supplier for each successful order or completion of specific actions.

Becoming a Shopify Affiliate marketer will help you earn a commission when someone buys a product after clicking on your affiliate link.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Steps to become a Shopify Affiliate marketer

  • Step 1. Build a website or social media channel and have a long-standing active audience.
  • Step 2: Sign Up for Shopify Collabs
  • Step 3: Register for Affiliate programs on Shopify
  • Step 4: Implement marketing plans to attract customers to buy

Startup time: Just a few days to get started

Effort level: Medium

What to know: You are required to let your audience know if you get paid to advertise a product


  • You need experience with Shopify or other ecommerce platforms
  • Have read and agree to the Shopify Partner Program Agreement

Become a Shopify expert

Shopify Experts are certified professionals who provide design, development, and marketing services to businesses on the Shopify platform. These people have proven their expertise while working with the Shopify platform. And they are approved by Shopify to offer their services to merchants.

There are many areas of expertise where Shopify experts can help customers. It involves building and growing an online store on the Shopify platform.

  • Marketing and advertising
  • SEO Optimization
  • Set up, optimize payments and shipping
  • Manage products and collections
  • Build a Shopify store
  • Custom theme design and development

If you already have expertise in this field, becoming a Shopify Expert is also an effective way to increase your income. You will benefit from all the perks and exclusive content. Examples include online courses in Shopify Academy and commissions the more you contribute to the Shopify ecosystem.

Steps to become a Shopify Experts

  • Step 1: Join the Shopify Partners Program
  • Step 2: Manage at Least 5 Client Stores
  • Step 3: Create a Portfolio of Your Past Work
  • Step 4: Request Access to the Shopify Experts Marketplace
  • Step 5: Build Your Shopify Experts Marketplace Page

Startup time: Just a few days to get started

Effort level: High at first, moderate to maintain

What to know: Becoming a Shopify expert opens up many opportunities for you. Besides increasing your income, you can also connect with other Shopify Experts and build a great personal brand.


  • You need expertise with Shopify or other e-commerce platforms.
  • Meet Shopify partner program requirements.

Build and convert Shopify stores

While Shopify offers designs that are simple to use right out of the box, there are a few extra steps you must complete to set up an effective website. For someone just starting a Shopify business, setting up payment methods and other back-end development may not be straightforward.

Beae is an effective tool that you can use to build your Shopify store. It provides valuable features and functionalities to enhance your Shopify experience. If you already have experience and design skills, it is possible to take on the job of Build and convert Shopify stores

Build Shopify Store

Build and convert Shopify stores

Steps to start building and converting Shopify store

  • Step 1: Join the Shopify Partners Program
  • Step 2: Create a Portfolio of Your Past Work
  • Step 3: Request Access to the Shopify Experts Marketplace
  • Step 4: Build Your Shopify Experts Marketplace Page

Startup time: Just a few days to get started

Effort level: High at first, moderate to maintain

Requirements: You need to have design experience with Shopify or other e-commerce platforms.

Sell Print on demand products

POD (Print on demand) is an e-commerce model that allows you to sell personalized products by printing custom designs such as clothes, mugs, bags, etc. This model is the product that will only be printed when the order is created. Therefore, you won’t need to store or own any products, without fear of problems related to storage or inventory. 

POD - Print on demand

POD (Print on demand)

The Shopify platform has everything you need to build a print-on-demand business online. Products available for printing on demand such as Art prints, Bags, Books, Calendars, Gift cards, hats, Invitation cards, mugs, Phone/laptop cases,...

Startup time: Just a few days to get started

Effort level: Medium

Steps to start Sell Print on demand products

  • Step 1. Sign Up for Shopify
  • Step 2: Build your Shopify’s Store
  • Step 4: Set up a product page
  • Step 5: Marketing the store

What to know: POD business model is simpler than traditional business models but also requires you to be knowledgeable about technology to operate smoothly. Otherwise, it will not be possible to do long-term business and compete with the market.


  • Controlling product quality and shipping because it depends mainly on POD suppliers.
  • It is necessary to capture and update good market trends because the market is difficult to compete
  • Know how to design or hire a good enough designer, catch the trend well.

Freelance writing

Freelance writing is an independent writing job that does not depend on a company or organization. Freelance writers can work from home or in a private office to write content according to the needs of their clients. You can take care of blogging or promotional content for merchants on Shopify.

Freelancer writing

Freelance writing

Startup time: Only a few hours to get started

Effort level: Medium

Steps to Start Freelance Writing

  • Step 1: Join the Shopify Partners Program
  • Step 2: Create a Portfolio of Your Past Work
  • Step 3: Build Your Shopify Freelance writing Marketplace Page

What to know: Shopify always encourages merchants to create quality blogs to attract customers. Therefore, the demand for content production on Shopify is huge. Freelance writing is also quite easy job that you can start.


  • Ability to use grammar proficiently.
  • Rich vocabulary in many fields.
  • Proficient in many types of content: social posts, blogs, PR articles, ebooks, video scripts, podcasts...
  • Writing, editing and editing skills.

Final words 

The forms of making money on Shopify still have a lot of potential, but they are all quite competitive. Therefore, if you want to develop in the long run, put the prestige and quality of the products and services you provide first.

We have finished introducing you to “How to make money on Shopify: 7 Best Ways for Beginners”. Hopefully you will take advantage of your spare time every day or turn your side hustle into income.