8 Best Tips for Setting Up a High Converting Shopify Store

8 Best Tips for Setting Up a High Converting Shopify Store

In today's highly competitive e-commerce landscape, the key to achieving success lies in having a Shopify store that converts visitors into customers. If you're eager to skyrocket your sales and captivate your audience, you're in the right place. In this comprehensive guide, we're about to unveil the top 8 tips that will empower you to establish a high-converting Shopify store that leaves a lasting impression.

1. Successful Shopify Stores Are Tailored Stores

Are you surprised by this comment? Successful stores always have their own way which means that successful Shopify stores love to have full control over the customization of their website. Here, specifically, the layout from the homepage, product pages, collections, blogs... are all customized in a unique style and carefully invested unlike any other selling site.

That is the story of big stores with specific names and well-funded big budgets. And you? What will you do to achieve high efficiency while only with a moderate budget.

High converting shopify store

Tip: Don't think too much about store design. Use any light theme you like, even a free theme will do. It is important that the theme you choose is relevant to your market audience, social media business strategies, and mobile responsiveness. You can always go back to your design and make it more complex, start with something that definitely works.

2. Consistency Shows On Best Selling Pages

According to our statistics, the best selling sites today make sure their fonts are all used in the same headings and paragraphs. This shows the importance of consistency in successful brand strategies.

consistency shopify store

The colors in the theme you need to have a harmonious whole, the colors are cleverly repeated from the homepage to the product and collection pages. Avoid using too many colors on the same page, should choose specific colors for seasonal sales pages, with year-round sales pages should avoid using bright colors that affect customers' observations, they need to Pay attention to the product, not the patterns or things that don't convert.

The most interesting part of all we have learned about fonts and colors is that consistency is comfortable for users and helps to remember the brand, and we can see that good websites are consider that even when choosing fonts or colors.

3. It's Best To Install Less Than 10 Apps On 1 Shopify Sales Page

Honestly, each app requires its own management and proper script loading setup to avoid slowing down the store. Plus, there are so many multi-purpose apps out there these days that it's often simply unnecessary to use many of these individual apps. Choose applications that serve the right purpose of your product/service.

Common must-have application topics for your business include:

  • Email marketing & SMS theme application
  • The application alerts customers to the subject of ordering and shipping
  • Loyalty and rewards theme application
  • Page Builder theme app
  • Protection & tracking theme app

First of all, if there are a lot of stores that trust these app themes, they are probably a must have for almost any store you can find out the best apps for the themes we offer .

Another interesting thing to point out is that the Page Builder app theme is used by most of the top sales sites these days, you can fully learn the Beae Landing Page Builder app to customize the entire store pages. Shop in a drag-and-drop style without coding or professional skills, an app worth using in this 2022 for page customization.

Beae Shopify Page Builder

4. The Best Sales Page Is The One With The Optimal Loading Speed

It is no coincidence that you as a Shopify seller always encounter new offers to optimize your online store SEO, page load speed, capacity ... Page loading speed is an important factor to increase conversions. change. An eCommerce store that takes a long time to load loses many potential customers and cannot survive in a highly competitive market.

Find it hard to believe? Well, see the following points:

  • The first 5 seconds of page load time has the highest impact on store conversions.
  • 70% of buyers admit that page speed affects their decision to purchase from their store.
  • 47% of users expect pages to load in 2 seconds or less.
  • 40% of the audience bounces off the page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

optimize loading speed

The famous saying 'time is money' fits perfectly in the online world. Online buyers are impatient, they won't spend time on a website that loads forever. Therefore, use the best Shopify theme as well as good page customization to keep up with the fast users of the Internet. Compress files, images, and videos to reduce load on web pages and allow them to load quickly. Uninstall plugins that are no longer needed or are not used. Too many plugins also reduce page speed. In addition, there are many speed optimization plugins available for Shopify store, which can reduce the load time and optimize the speed of the page.

5. Optimize Entire Shopify Store Category Pages

Stores typically get more than 50% of their organic traffic to their homepage. That's not surprising - the homepage usually gets the most hits and is the face of any eCommerce store.

It just goes to show that you should put a lot of work into your homepage, from design to navigation.

Every good homepage should:

  • Make it clear, concise and highlight the messages, titles, products the store sells
  • Conveniently guide visitors to whatever they are looking for
  • Showcase the latest items, the most popular products or collections displayed on the homepage
  • Adding live chat to your page can play an important role in driving your conversions and revenue 

What about product pages, collections, blogs? Most of the organic traffic leading to these pages is quite modest, the case where customers actively enter the product page is largely due to an established brand presence as the traffic comes from queries “brand + product name”. However, this traffic is one of the most valuable and highly converting because product pages are the final stage of the user's buying journey. Create every product page carefully and with conversions in mind.

6. Shopify Store, Product Category, Logic Collection

If your Shopify store sells more than one item, it should be properly categorized so that customers can easily find what they're looking for.

If all products are displayed on one page, it will make the product page look unorganized and people will have a hard time finding the product they want.

Shopify store logic collection

Always create separate product pages for different goods. If there are subcategories, mention them and create separate pages for them.

Create product "Tags" to help customers know where the product is located in the purchase journey upwards. In case you are selling a product with different color variations, you should include an instant preview option on the gallery page triggered by the prototype. Also remember to make the product thumbnails interactive - when the customer hovers or clicks on the templates, images The image will change color accordingly.

Don't forget to add different product categories to your navigation menu. Your visitors can easily find the goods according to their needs just by clicking or tapping on the relevant category. Users are more likely to convert when they easily find products that interest them or need them. 

7. Your Appearance on Social Media

Certainly, appearing on social platforms is a must for any brand big or small when participating in the global e-commerce market. Statistics In 2022, Social networking sites are estimated to reach 3.96 billion users and these figures are still expected to grow as mobile device usage and mobile social networks increasing traction in previously underserved markets. All statistics show the tremendous power of social media today that makes merchants really careful in choosing the right social network for their business.

Appear on social media

How to build the right social networking site as well as its importance, you can refer to the article we have mentioned, still prioritizing too famous social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, which is almost mandatory. business today. However, it is necessary to share that if possible, invest in building a YouTube channel. Investing in a YouTube channel for your brand offers significantly greater value than most other social media platforms. It shows how important stores are to educating and engaging their audience using video.

Gymshark look at their success when developing on social platforms, indeed this strength is very persistent and is always refreshed to welcome future customers for them.

Loyalty and rewards programs do wonders for brand recognition and community building. And there's no better place to reach that community than social media platforms. Choose and find yourself a social networking platform suitable for your product or service and you will soon get results if you focus on developing them.

8. Smart Combination of Rewards and Incentives

When there is less of something, people often want more of it. Therefore, stick with badges like “Last Products”, “Only one product left!” or "Limited Time Offer" on a product screen is a great way to get people to buy and increase your conversion rate. Alternatively, you can create limited-time offer push notifications to create urgency and speed up your visitors' purchasing decisions. With timers to let people know when the campaign is over to induce their fear of missing out (FOMO).

Smart Combination of Rewards

Create an emergency situation where your guests can't resist buying the merchandise. When people are given a predetermined time to think and decide, they always decide in favor of the business. At this point, it needs to be cleverly calculated and not affect the customer's emotions.

In addition, combine up-selling/cross-selling forms for similar products or supporting the main product that customers have just purchased. One of the simplest and most elegant ways to do this is to use the personalized product recommendation widgets on the cart page to provide related products for those already added to the cart. You can also create bundle offers and pin this category to the search box to increase your sales. You can completely customize, this is the sales strategy as well as the sales methods each store on Shopify will apply and you choose the best way to do it for yourself.


The tips and tricks shared above are aimed at assisting you in expanding your customer base and increasing online sales for your high-converting Shopify store. However, it's important to keep in mind that building a successful store takes time and effort, and overnight success is unlikely. Embrace the journey and consistently apply these strategies to achieve long-term growth and success.

Stay consistent, keep working, and provide a great customer experience on your Shopify store to increase conversions. Be kind to your work and start your online store! We are always a companion in your journey to new heights in business.

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