Beae have got the "Built for Shopify" badge

Beae Proudly Earns The Coveted “Built for Shopify” Badge

As online merchants, you are well aware of the importance of providing a seamless and captivating shopping experience for your customers. And crucial element in accomplishing this lies in choosing the right tools and solutions to enhance your Shopify store.  

Our powerful Shopify page builder - Beae has proudly earned the prestigious “Built for Shopify” badge. This recognition serves as a symbol of excellence, signaling that Beae has surpassed Shopify's highest standards.  

In this blog, we explore what it means to be "Built for Shopify" and the unique benefits that Beae offers to empower merchants in creating exceptional online stores.

What is a “Built for Shopify” badge? 

“Built for Shopify is considered the highest level of recognition and achievement a Shopify app can earn. When an app earns this badge, it signifies that the app has gone through testing and optimization to seamlessly integrate with the Shopify platform.

Shopify's app ecosystem boasts an extensive array of applications, each catering to diverse business needs and objectives. However, not all apps are created equal, and the quality of their performance and compatibility can vary. The "Built for Shopify" badge serves as a beacon of trust and credibility, guiding merchants toward selecting apps that have met Shopify's highest standards.

As of the time of writing, out of the 8000+ apps available on the Shopify app store, only 71 apps have achieved the distinguished "Built for Shopify'' status. By selecting a "Built for Shopify" app like Beae, merchants can rest assured that their online store will benefit from a reliable and well-crafted solution.

4 criteria to get the “Built for Shopify” badge

4 criteria of the "Built for Shopify" badgeApps must meet 4 criteria to get the "Built for Shopify" badge


Earning the prestigious "Built for Shopify'' (BFS) recognition is no easy feat. To achieve this badge, a Shopify app must meet stringent criteria that reflect Shopify's commitment to providing a secure, efficient, and user-friendly platform for online merchants. Let's look deeper into each of these criteria and understand why Beae, as a "Built for Shopify" app, excels in meeting these requirements.

  • Trustworthy: Developers of BFS apps need to prioritize data security and handle it with utmost care. These apps are uninstalled without leaving any residual code, ensuring a clean removal process.
  • Fast: BFS apps are created to have no impact on storefront performance, guaranteeing a seamless shopping experience for customers whenever they browse your store.
  • Easy to use: All BFS apps have intuitive and thoughtful designs. They are accessible, adaptive, and seamlessly integrated into your Shopify admin.
  • Useful: Shopify assesses the usefulness of apps based on installation rates, review ratings, and a proven track record of assisting businesses in achieving success.

Why you should go for Beae - a “Built for Shopify” app

When choosing the right Shopify app for your online store, it's crucial to opt for a solution that seamlessly integrates with your platform, enhances performance, and provides a user-friendly experience. Beae, as a "Built for Shopify'' app, stands out for three compelling reasons:

Our code strictly follows Shopify’s standards

With Beae, you can be confident that our app's code strictly adheres to Shopify's rigorous standards. After we complete the coding process, Shopify's developer team conducts a thorough evaluation, granting the coveted "Built for Shopify '' badge upon meeting their criteria. Our Beae app ensures that it cohesively blends with your store's existing setup, reducing the risk of compatibility conflicts or any unforeseen technical issues.

In contrast, apps without the "Built for Shopify" badge may not align with Shopify's standards, potentially leading to negative impacts on your store's performance.

Our app doesn’t slow your store 

When you install Beae page builder, we guarantee that our app has no impact on your store speed. 

Typically, a store requires 10-15 apps to function efficiently. However, if these apps are not well-optimized, they can significantly slow down the store's performance. Consequently, this can lead to a poor customer experience, causing an increase in bounce rate and ultimately affecting the store's sales.

Our user interface is as easy as Shopify’s

Our user interface is designed to be as intuitive and user-friendly as Shopify's, ensuring a seamless and convenient experience for users. With Beae, you will enjoy a consistent and familiar interface throughout, from the Shopify admin dashboard to the Beae dashboard. Everything is straightforward and easy to navigate, making it easy to manage your store


In summary, Beae's status as a "Built for Shopify" app makes it an ideal choice for online merchants seeking a reliable, high-performing, and user-friendly solution. Its strict adherence to Shopify's standards ensures seamless integration, while its optimized performance guarantees a smooth shopping experience for your customers. 

Plus, with Beae's intuitive user interface, you can confidently create captivating web pages that reflect your brand's identity. Embrace Beae as your trusted Shopify page builder and take your online store to new heights of success.




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